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Technique to perform design and production using a computer throughout the process. CAD meaning Computer Aided Design. CAM meaning Computer Aided Production (Manufacturing). Compile design model using database of design and sight information and automate production process utilizing NC machine tools and automated transfer.

NC Numerical Control

Numerical Contorol / NC Processing / NC Equipment / NC Machine Tools


Numerical Control is a method to control Machine Tools by giving the digital data. It was introduced as a substitute of human or mechanically controlled operation.The machine controlled by numerals is called like "NC Machine Tool",  "NC Equipment", "NC Lathe" and "NC Milling Machine".Particulary, the machine installed with a computer and given the computer data programs are called "CNC: Computer Numerical Control".Today, though, most of the machines are equipped with a computer and so, NC generally means the computer controlled numerical control. Compared with human operation, there is higher precision and lesser loss time in processing and is able to carry out the automatic processing by creating process sequence data ( NC program) and registering into the installed computer. It enables automated operation with labor saving.  Many years issue was the NC Machine did not achieve high level of precision of the experienced craftman. Lately, this issue has been addressed with the improvement of the CNC processing technique.


[Internet of Things] Internet / Things of  Internet / Internet of Things 

To equip all Things exsiting in this world with the communication equiments and connect them to Internet and to communicate within themelves for automatic recognition , automatic control and or for remote measuring.

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