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Kanto Plant Manufacturing Department

In development, we feel joy to have accomplished the task that nobody has ever done.
We manufacture a processing machine for the car body development and an intelligence system. We group together several companies selected by the Ministry and of Industru and Trade and created the exclusive processing robot for major clients.We created an automatic cutting machine with all CAD/CAM,  NC numerical control in a group.This product is introduced as a suitable part of the total company system both for domestic and overseas companies and has brought them with the successful results. We participate in the "things" creation of the world and continue to contribute in the future.

Auto Modeler

Model processing machine for the new car design

Unique cantilever type, with movable area 2M
The epoch making composite system integrating both processing and measuring
Developed CAD/CM system and NC control processing machine to realize the real size clay creation.
Work efficiency ( easeness of handling and finish speed)
High performance system with precision processing

Auto Modeler system summary

We created the epoch making composite system which integrated processing and measurement of the clay model.


Trial Model Processing Machine, AutoModeler, Model Cam System

Layout Measuring Machine<SKMA New SKMA Series>

Cantilever type Three Dimensional NC Measuring Machine/ Model Processing Machine

New Car Development CAD/CAM System

Total Styling CAD/CAM System <TOSCA>

New Car Development Precision Measuring Surface Plate

Processing and Measuring Jig Transfer Robot

Special NC Equipment System Development

Delivery results

Major Car Manufacturers: USA  4 companies, Asia 4, Japan 7

Electric Appliance Manufacturers: 2 companies

Other companies: approx. 500 units

▼Please feel free to contact us.
TEL. 082-271-8777 / FAX. 082-271-4811
Business hours / from 8:30 to 17:30 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
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